Custom SP Affirmation Audio 

Custom audio using a replicated voice of your choosing. 1 hour long with your own affirmations  You can choose this audio in affirmation meditation or subliminal meditation format. 

You will fill out a form after checkout and be able to upload an audio clip of the voice you would like us to clone.

The voice should be clear and audible and be at least 10 seconds long with no background noise. 


Starting date

Book after purchase


Emailed MP4




5-7 days



Nicole "Nikki" Simpson

NLP, IMBTC, BA, Life Coach, Behavior Scientist, Mindset & Manifestation Coach

Nikki is an ICF Associate Certified Coach, She is also MBTI certified  completed her masters Degree in Behavioral Jan 2024.

Nikki has been practicing law of belief and law of assumption, lifestyle development and studying human development and behavior for 15 years.
She holds 2 bachelors degrees and a masters degree in behavioral science. She is the creator of the manifestation evaluation and her passion is helping others change their mindset to create the life of their dreams.