Facebook Group: Manifest for Me

Manifest for Me is a group for affirming for one another, live group coaching, group support and manifesting Q&A. 
This group is not to replace your current routine, but to aid in helping you achieve your desired result. This can provide faster and more present results and a massive boost in the ability to control mental diet and overall mindset. Changing assumptions and shifting to your desired mindset, made easier. 

This subscription includes the Facebook group and AI.

The AI project is affirming by a replicated computer version of coach Nikki. This artificial intelligence speaks your affirmations, out loud, into the void of internet. The AI is just for research right and for fun, although, we have been reported results. You will not have access to the AI. You will see videos from time to time, but the access just for the admin team. 

Access via FB


Monday 1pm CST & Thursday 7pm CST

Manifesting Buddies







$29 per month

manifest for me

Meet Nikki

Nicole Simpson 

Coach and Practitioner
NLP, IMBTC, BA, Life Coach, Behavioral Scientist, Mindset & Manifestation Coach
Nikki is an ICF Associate Certified Coach, is MBTI certified and is currently completing her masters Degree in Behavioral Science.Nikki has been practicing law of assumption, lifestyle development and studying human development and behavior. She holds 4 bachelors degrees, one being in behavioral science. She is the creator of the manifestation evaluation and her passion is helping others change their mindset to create the life of their dreams.