Neurofeedback Program:
A New State Of Mind

Improve your brain’s abilities — Using Real-Time Feedback on Brain Activity To Help Reduce Anxiety and intrusive thinking. Re-program your brain. Helps to reduce Anxiety, stress, spiriling, negative thinking, intrusive thoughts and maintain a good mental diet. 

Get Real Impact. With This Digital Self Care Program:
Includes Nikki as your own personal Neurofeedback Therapist to guide you through how your brain is functioning from 12 EEG points. Receive 4 customized  Neurofeedback sessions and a 3 month plan. The 3 month Plan provides one call with Nikki per month and 2-3x sessions per week through the IOS or Android app. 

You will be shipped a pocket EEG, Gel, EEG headband and case.
Free Shipping and arrives within 5 days of the launch date. 

Remote Brain Training:
Nikki will provide a total of 4 calls with you. the first call after you receive your products, to do a zoom EEG session while guiding you through the app. She will explain your brain map functions and then put together a 2-3x per week )10-15min a day) session on the app. She will also do 3 more calls to run a new scan each month for you to see your brains progress. 

4 zoom session, 3 month app access and 2-3 in app sessions per week

Starting date

Feb 15 2024






1 - 60min session
3 - 30min follow ups
36 or more in app sessions


(payment plans available through afterpay)