EFT Sessions

EFT / Tapping is a powerful self-help technique that is evidence-based, gentle and drug-free. It enables you to let go of your negative circumstances, old stories, resistances, fears, phobias, pain, stress and so much more, so you can become your best self, and manifest the life you want and deserve.
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EFT Tapping Sessions

EFT Tapping with Kellie

Personal EFT sessions with Kellie to overcome resistance and limiting beliefs and help you manifest your dream life. This service includes 1 EFT Tapping sessions and 1 recorded session with a custom EFT Tapping meditation / affirmations, specific to you and your situation. 

EFT With Me

Website dedicated to live manifestation tapping classes daily plus EFT tapping courses. 
Live Classes are 9pm cst Sunday-Thursday and Sat at 9am CST

Become an EFT Practitioner  

Whether you are interested in becoming an accredited certified EFT practitioner with no prior experience OR you are health care professional looking to add EFT/Tapping to your toolbox, this is where you can begin.