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Manifest for Me FAQ

How do I join the Facebook Group?

If you are a paying member, you can click the following link and submit a request to join the Facebook group. You must fill out the information inside your course (form) to be let in.

What is the Facebook group?

The facebook group is a small paid community of manifestors who are willing to grow, learn and become the best version of themselves and get everything they desire. We do Lives 2-3 times a week with lectures, info and Q&A. Games, coupons, community support ... and so much more.

What is AI Affirming?

AI Affirming is our AI project. (Artificial Intelligence) This is just an added bonus to affirming packages and is not sold separately. The AI is made in Coach Nikki's likeness and monitors her manifestation coaching, intending and affirmations every single day, to learn and grow from her.  She uses the AI to recite affirmations for clients in the group, as a testing project. Assumption is what you believe works, will work.  AI works as a placebo and potentially, its own consciousness as it learns. You will not have access to the AI itself like before. 

How do I access the form to submit my affirmations?

You need to submit the affirmation form which is located under the "my account" page on the website main menu.
Scroll Down to services.
Click on the course to see more details on your service. From there, you should be prompted to fill out the affirmation form.

When will you start affirming for me?

After you submit the affirmation form, it is automatically added to the AI and the coach or affirmers affirmation list for the next business day. So affirming starts the next business day AFTER you complete the form.  

How do I update or change my affirmations?

You may update your affirmations inside the course for the service you have by submitting a new form there

How long will it take to see results?

Results vary by person, as each person has their own dominate assumptions and beliefs. We have seen movement in a few days to months. However, it is still up to you to change your core mindset. Affirming for you is just a booster.

How can I cancel or change my Membership Subscription?

Visit the "my account" page and click on "Payments". From here you can cancel or upgrade / downgrade to another membership

What do I do while you are helping me affirm?

You keep persisting on being a better you! Take control of your thoughts and mental diet. More info shared in the group.

When are the Lives?

Lives are every Monday at 12pm CST and Thursday at 7pm CST (unless otherwise announced in the group) You can watch the lives in the facebook group or by visiting your account page and selecting Lives.

To participate in the lives, you must be in the zoom meeting, which can be accessed from your account pagem inside your manifest for me course, on the website. 

Where can I watch the live replays?

All the replays of the lives are stored in the Facebook group under "videos" They auto delete after 30days. 

How is Nikki able to Affirm for so Many?

Not everyone is on an affirming option. She closes subscriptions when she is maxed out on times and opens them again when someone moves to a lower plan or manifests their desire and downgrades or cancels. She affirms 4-5 hours per day in total. The other 3-4 hours of her day is for 1:1 coaching 

Perception Reframing FAQ

Can I record the voice scan in my language? 

Yes, you should do this. The recording and what you say ultimately will not matter as we are looking at overall brain preformance and mindset through vocal frequency. 

How do I read my Report

Inside the course there are plenty of Videos and PDFs to walk you through it. If you need additonal help, you can book a 1:1 session with Nikki at a discounted rate, inside the course. 

What is NES Health?

Nikki is a Behavior Bio-feedback practitioner for NES Health. Think about when you see a doctor, they are affiliated with a hospital. NES is the building and Nikki the practitioner. NES has patented frequency and energy diagnostic devices and machines and Nikki is licensed to read the results and recommended options to change those frequencies. 

Why is the meditation and Infoceuticals a separate fee?

NES holds the patent to the frequency they give out. They create the personalized meditation and infoceuticals, not Nikki. She only recommends the dosage and types. You can only order infoceuticals and meditation from a computer. They are not accessible from a mobile device

Can I change or record the Affirmations to change my beliefs?

Absolutely not! The specific words used in the affirmations are for inducing a specific frequency. Do not change them.  Recording them and listening to them may also change the frequency depending on the device you are recording from 

Is any of this a subscription?

No. You use the recommendations for 30 days and are done. You are not promoted to do re-scans or buy anything. However, you can rescan if you wish for an additional "at cost" fee in the course itself AFTER 35 days

When can I re-scan and how much?

After 35 days. While you are doing frequency changes with your preferred method, your brainwaves and mindset will be constantly shifting and will throw the report off. We wait until you have no longer been using it for 5 days. 
The rescan can be purchased within the course itself for $20

Is this Law of Attraction?

Nope! This is Science. Brain wave frequency is so much different than "raising your vibe" and more info on this can be found on the course description page by clicking here

When will I get my report?

within 24-48 hours. Nikki goes over the scan frequency first to make sure it is viable. If it is not, she will email you, if it is, she will release it.

I am having trouble recording, what do I do?

When the recording starts, start talking, it stops recording automatically after 10 seconds,

if your recording is getting an error, Please logout of your portal and clear cookies and cache, log back in and try again. 

Make sure you have given your phone, computer or other device permission to use your microphone on your browser. 

if you are still having trouble, Email [email protected] so we can find a solution 

Can this cause a purge?

Not usually, but it can. It will not mess up manifesting, getting your desires or anything like that. IF a purge happens, it never lasts longer than a few days to a week. 

A purge is when emotions or thoughts arise to the surface to be released. Do not push them back down, let them go. If you don't, the resistance stays. Repeating the cycle of not being able to manifest what you want or delaying it.

So write out your thoughts and rip them up, cry, scream, punch a pillow...just ride it out. It's not worse than having a bad hair day or bad day at work. You will not experience any uncontrollable emotions. If you do at all. 

Most purging happens with weird dreams... they mean nothing. Do not worry about them and they will fade Its just how your brain is processing and releasing them. 

Others may experience very minor flu like symptoms or emotion and behavioral changes briefly. Nothing crazy. 

Do not assign the meaning it will happen or last forever if it does. 

How often do I do the recomendations 

This is inside the course PDF as well. But to answer before purchase, no more than 3x a day for 30 days straight. 

If using the affirmations, say out loud on a loop for 10min 1-3x a day. Only do this for 30 days. It is full impressed after that. 

If using meditation, you do not actually have to meditate or pay attention to it at all, you can, but not required. You may listen at a low volume, but only with head phones or ear buds. 1-3x per day. Only listen for 30 days. It is full impressed after that. 

If using infocuticals, your recommendation will be on the bottle when it is delivered. The base line is 15 drops (one dropper a day) for each bottle, combine in one glass of water, once a day. Use until it runs out (20-30 days) 

Coaching, Courses & Other Services FAQ

What is the turn around time for coaching?

Email coaching is 5-7 business days and phone coaching can be booked within 7 business days after check out. 

How do I start my email coaching?

After purchase, Go to your account , scroll down to services and click on your purchased email package. Inside the course is a form to fill out. This is your first communication with the coach. She will respond within 7 business days. Each reply from the coach counts as one email. 

How do I book my Phone / Zoom Coaching session?

After purchase, Go to your account , scroll down to services and click on your purchased package. Inside the course is a booking link. 

How do I book EFT / Reiki or Other session?

After purchase, Go to your account , scroll down to services and click on your purchased package. Inside the course is a booking link. 

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